5 Personal Finance Books for Women in Their 30’s

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April 18, 2017
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5 Personal Finance Books for Women in Their 30’s

5 Personal Finance Books for Women

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I don’t know about you but it seems like most personal finance books are written for men. There is no woman perspective. Women are busy being wives, mothers, friends, co-workers, and more. We need more books that relate to our lives as women. I have gathered my top 5 favorite personal finance books for women in their 30’s. We are not new to the money game but we are not veterans either. These books help navigate through our perspective.

Rich Bitch by Nicole Lapin

Despite the raunchy title, this is actually a great book for women to read. Nicole Lapin outlines a 12 step plan to financial success while relating each step to an example in her life. The mistakes she has made with money, people, and relationships is something many women can relate to. Each of Nicole’s 12 steps for getting your financial life in order, are simple and easy to do. Some of the steps you may have already completed and that is great. Nicole makes it easy to skip chapters and read the parts that are meant for you. So let’s all be a Rich Bitch.

Read the Amazon reviews here.

The Millionaire Next Door by Stanley and Danko

This personal finance book is one of my favorites because it talks about how millionaires look just like you and me. Anyone can be a millionaire and retire wealthy. Millionaires are not fancy and own yachts. They are hardworking people that are living their daily lives next to us. There are no celebrities or high paid athletes in this book. These millionaires follow 7 simple steps to become millionaires. The book gives great detail on each of the 7 steps which you can follow to be on the path to becoming a millionaire. By the way, this is not a get rich quick scheme, this book refers to being a millionaire near or at retirement.

Read the Amazon reviews here.

You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

Once again, if you can get past the non-conventional title you will be happy you read this personal finance book. This book is different in the sense that it does not tell you how to manage your finances. You are a Badass at Making Money is a motivational money book that gives you the confidence and changes your mindset about growing wealth. After reading this book, you will re-evaluate the way you see money and you will realize that you have been looking at money completely wrong…well that’s what happened to me. I see money different and I think of money differently. This is a must read.

Read the Amazon reviews here.

5 Personal Fiance Books for Women in Their 30's

4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss

I added this book to the list of my personal finance books because of the strategies the author talks about. Do I think that everyone can work a 4 hour workweek and have full time income? No, but this book is great for managing balance. We are busy women, if we can free up a few extra hours a week to do the things we want to do then we should go for it. We deserve it. There is no need to feel shame or guilt when we want to take time off of work. Reading 4 Hour Workweek has transformed my work-life balance and I think it can do the same for you too.

Read Amazon reviews here.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

This personal finance book is a classic so I had to add it to this list. Think and Grow Rich is more about personal development than it is about money. If you change your mindset, the money will follow. Since this book was written in 1937, a lot of the language and experiences may seem old fashioned but it can still relate to the situations you face now.

Read Amazon reviews here.

Bonus! Girl Code by Cara Alwill Leyba

So this book is not necessarily a personal finance book but it talks about girl empowerment. Yes! Let’s help each other out! Women are a force to be reckoned with. If we combine our forces by encouraging each other and thinking positively, women can achieve anything. This book was awesome and I definitely had to tell you about it.

Read Amazon reviews here.

Often, it is hard for us women to find or relate to any personal finance books. Gone are the days where men dominated the finance world. Studies have shown that women are more knowledgeable about money than men. So no matter where you are in your money journey, each of these books has something to offer.

Have you read any of these books? If so, tell me your thoughts.


  1. Thanks for this list! I have read the millionaire next door as well as think and grow rich but not the other books. I will check them out.

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