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Thanks for visiting! I am Nicole, and I have a passion for wealth. I am a busy mom with 2 kids, wife, and full time worker in the corporate world. Trying to find a balance in life has always been a struggle for me but I have found a few ways to help with that. I created Budget Like a Lady to reach out to other busy women trying to balance life and money.

You Are Not Alone…

As women, we have the world on our shoulders and we must “make a way” to solve every problem, including finances. We are the everyday superhero. But money should not be an ongoing battling like trying to get the kids to eat breakfast! I am here to say that there are money strategies that can create financial relief.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your finances or you don’t have the time, or patience, to handle your money issues you are in the right spot at the right time! Budget Like a Lady was designed for you. I provide money strategies for the everyday superwoman. I know what if feels like because I was there too.

My Story

In 2006, I graduated with an engineering degree and with debt. My student loans we almost $30,000 by the time I graduated at the young age of 22. By the time I was 23 (just a year out of college), I racked up over $50,000 worth of debt. I was young, I wanted to live life! I bought a new car, took up ballroom dance, and of course I needed new furniture for my fancy new apartment. I knew nothing about building credit and creating wealth.

It wasn't until I received my MBA in Finance that I started getting some common sense about money. By the way, my employer at the time paid for my MBA so that was my first step to getting debt free. With my MBA paid for, it was time to start cleaning up my financial mess. When it comes to money, I have had my identity stolen, unresolved medical bills, job layoff, and lots of debt. I have been where you are and I can help you build your financial empire.

Let's Get Financially Focused Together!

It is time that we stop feeling so overwhelmed with our finances and start focusing on things that matter most to us like our family. Let’s get our budgets right, retirement on the right track, take vacations, and start investing. We can do this because we deserve it.

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