Ibotta Review: Money Software Series

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March 23, 2017
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April 11, 2017

Ibotta Review: Money Software Series

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I am always looking for easy ways to save money without using a lot of my time. In addition to all of the coupons you can use at the store, there is now an app where you can earn money by shopping. Ibotta is a FREE app that provides cash back on your everyday purchases such as groceries, clothing and more. I was skeptical at first. After hearing so much about this app, I decided to give it a try for a month. I will reveal my great and not-so-great experience during my first month of using the Ibotta app.

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How Often Did You Go Shopping?

Since I do a lot of meal planning and do not have during the week to run to the store, I grocery shop once a week. During my first month using Ibotta, I went grocery shopping 5 times. Although most of my experience using the app was for grocery shopping, Ibotta has rebates for almost any big chain store such as Walgreens, Best Buy, Target, Walmart and lots of restaurants, just to name a few.

Ibotta Review

Great Things about Ibotta

During my first month of using Ibotta, there were a number of things I enjoyed about the app.

  1. No need to worry about store coupon policies. For those that coupon, you know what I mean. The app is completely independent and the store is not providing cash rebates.
  2. Easy to verify purchases for cash rebates. It only takes 2 steps: scan barcode and take a picture of the receipt.
  3. Cash deposited to Paypal account for no extra fee. I like Paypal for the easy withdrawal.
  4. Opportunity for cash bonuses. I earned an extra $10 in cash bonuses for being a new customer. You can get started with your own cash $10 bonus here.

Not-So-Great Things about Ibotta

  1. If you buy a lot of fresh produce and meats, there are not many cash back rebates. I only made $5 in cash back rebates.
  2. Mostly unfamiliar brands.
  3. Paypal withdrawal minimum is $20.

Will you continue to use Ibotta?

Short answer, yes. Overall, I like the Ibotta app. It doesn’t take much time to use and it is less hassle than cutting paper coupons. Am I going to plan my entire shopping trip around the Ibotta app? No, but I will check for cash rebates before and after each shopping trip.

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Have you tried the Ibotta app? What was your experience?


  1. Mackenzie says:

    Totally agree with your highs and lows. Building a team is good b/c it can help you get bonus $.

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