Side Hustles I Have Tried that Actually Make Money

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Side Hustles I Have Tried that Actually Make Money

Side Hustles I Have Tried That Actually Make Money

Side Hustles I Have Tried That Actually Make Money

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It seems today that everyone needs a side hustle. Whether you are trying to get out of debt or save for a family vacation, making a little extra money is nice. There are lots of side hustles that you can do around your own schedule that does not involve working at the local mall (which was the only way I though you could have a side hustle). Here are some side hustles I have tried that have made me some money in addition to my full-time income. By the way, this post contains affiliate links. Check out the terms and conditions to know more about how affiliate links are at no additional cost to you.

Side Hustles I Tried that Actually Make Money


Side Hustles I Have Tried


Tutoring is my go-to side hustle! Since math is one of my stronger subjects, I would charge anywhere between $40 to $80 per hour, depending on the grade level and difficulty. I would earn an extra $500-$1000 per month during the school year. I have used Wyzant (affiliate link) in the past, but I am sure there are other reputable tutoring services out there. Just a heads up, summers are extremely slow, so beware.

Selling Books on Amazon

I started this side hustle with the books and textbooks from my own home. In the first month, I made $128 after expenses (shipping, fees, etc). During my best month, I made $379. Not bad for a side hustle. Keep in mind, Amazon is strict about their selling policies. Before you start, read their policy…carefully.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a high earning potential side hustle. When I was laid off from my job in 2014, I turned to freelance writing and consulting and made some really good money, $200 to $2000 per month! There are lots of freelance writing websites, when I was writing and consulting, I used Elance and Fiverr which Elance is now called Upwork.

Direct Sales

Direct selling is a controversial side hustle. Yes, I have made some money with direct sales but I was nowhere near being the millionaire they tell you can be. Not to say it isn’t possible, just the odds are not in my favor. With direct sales, I was making about $100 per month but I was working too hard for that $100. Direct sales were challenging for me, maybe you will have a better outcome.

Side Hustles I Want to Try


I keep hearing great things about Uber. If you are unfamiliar with Uber, it is a driving service you can charge people for giving them a ride. It is flexible so that you can work as much or as little as you want. Since I have not tried this yet, I personally have not experienced the money-making potential but I hear you can make some good money.


Yes, I blog but I currently do not make any money from my blog. This blog is truly a passion of mine that I would like to make full time one day. Monetizing my blog is something I would like to try. Besides, the great bloggers can make up to 6 figures per month! I know I won’t be making that much…not yet…but the potential is limitless.

For those of you thinking about starting a blog for some extra income, currently, my blog, and many of blogging friends use Bluehost (affiliate link) for cheap and reliable hosting. There are free blog hosting sites but if you want to make money from your blog it must be self-hosted. I will talk more about this in a future post.

What side hustles are you doing or thinking about starting?


  1. Jax says:

    Awesome list! I sell books on Amazon and my partner drives for Uber sometimes. My big side hustle is mystery shopping. I can bring home upwards of $400 each month in addition to groceries, meals out and household items I need!

  2. Dyana says:

    I would like to monetize my blog one day as well, although I am happy with just having it as a hobby right now! I’ve heard so much about mystery shopping that I am really considering jumping into it.

  3. Mike says:

    Have you heard of Amazon Mechanical Turk? I’ve heard of some people bringing in $100/wk (granted I bet they spent a LOT of time doing it) – and I do realize if you bake it down to an hourly rate, it’s less than minimum wage. That being said, I was oddly enough rejected when I applied to the program, or else I’d be doing it right now..

    Great list, though. I’m a personal fan of blogging and niche sites. Good luck with monetizing your blog! There’s a great community around this stuff with tons of support, as I’m sure you know already!

  4. Taylor says:

    Great list! I would sell books like crazy back in college so that was great source of income. I will have to look into freelance writing, maybe even tutoring!

  5. My only struggle with affiliate links is the niche I am in. I choose to blog about my experiences using different products from #BlackOwned businesses, but few of them offer affiliate programs. I am compiling a list that do! It would not do my brand justice if I am advocating for the support of Black entrepreneurs with posts filled with links from Amazon, Target and business that don’t reflect my message. Sigh… but I believe it will get better. The #BuyBlack movement is moving!!

    • I completely understand that. It is awesome that you have chosen a niche that focuses on black businesses. Hopefully I can get you to advocate for my product…when I make it 😊

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